HP Officejet 4500 - Notice to users of the U.S. telephone network: FCC requirements

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Notice to users of the U.S. telephone network: FCC requirements

Notice to users of the U.S. telephone network: FCC requirements

This equipment complies with FCC rules, Part 68. On this equipment is a label that
contains, among other information, the FCC Registration Number and Ringer Equivalent
Number (REN) for this equipment. If requested, provide this information to your telephone
An FCC compliant telephone cord and modular plug is provided with this equipment. This
equipment is designed to be connected to the telephone network or premises wiring using
a compatible modular jack which is Part 68 compliant. This equipment connects to the
telephone network through the following standard network interface jack: USOC
The REN is useful to determine the quantity of devices you may connect to your telephone
line and still have all of those devices ring when your number is called. Too many devices
on one line might result in failure to ring in response to an incoming call. In most, but not
all, areas the sum of the RENs of all devices should not exceed five (5). To be certain of the
number of devices you may connect to your line, as determined by the REN, you should call
your local telephone company to determine the maximum REN for your calling area.
If this equipment causes harm to the telephone network, your telephone company might
discontinue your service temporarily. If possible, they will notify you in advance. If advance
notice is not practical, you will be notified as soon as possible. You will also be advised of
your right to file a complaint with the FCC. Your telephone company might make changes
in its facilities, equipment, operations, or procedures that could affect the proper operation
of your equipment. If they do, you will be given advance notice so you will have the
opportunity to maintain uninterrupted service. If you experience trouble with this equipment,
please contact the manufacturer, or look elsewhere in this manual, for warranty or repair
information. Your telephone company might ask you to disconnect this equipment from the
network until the problem has been corrected or until you are sure that the equipment is not
This equipment may not be used on coin service provided by the telephone company.
Connection to party lines is subject to state tariffs. Contact your state public utility commis-
sion, public service commission, or corporation commission for more information.
This equipment includes automatic dialing capability. When programming and/or making
test calls to emergency numbers:
• Remain on the line and explain to the dispatcher the reason for the call.
• Perform such activities in the off-peak hours, such as early morning or late evening.

Note The FCC hearing aid compatibility rules for telephones are not applicable
to this equipment.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 makes it unlawful for any person to use a
computer or other electronic device, including fax machines, to send any message unless
such message clearly contains in a margin at the top or bottom of each transmitted page
or on the first page of transmission, the date and time it is sent and an identification of the
business, other entity, or other individual sending the message and the telephone number
of the sending machine or such business, other entity, or individual. (The telephone number
provided might not be a 900 number or any other number for which charges exceed local
or long-distance transmission charges.) In order to program this information into your fax
machine, you should complete the steps described in the software.

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