HP Officejet 4500 - Text cannot be edited

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Text cannot be edited

Check the settings

Make sure the HP software (or any additional OCR software) is properly installed.

When you scan the original, make sure that you select a document type or save
the scan in a format that creates editable, searchable text. If text is classified as
a graphic, it is not converted to text.

Your OCR program might be linked to a word-processing program that does not
perform OCR tasks. See the product software Help for more information about
linking programs.

Check the originals

Make sure that you placed the original correctly on the scanner glass. For more
information, see

Load an original on the scanner glass


The OCR program might not recognize text that is tightly spaced. For example, if
the text that the OCR program converts has missing or combined characters, "rn"
might appear as "m."

The accuracy of the OCR program depends on the image quality, text size, and
structure of the original and the quality of the scan itself. Make sure that your
original has good image quality.

Colored backgrounds can cause images in the foreground to blend too much. Try
adjusting the settings before you scan the original, or try enhancing the image
after you scan the original. If you are performing an OCR operation on an original,
any colored text on the original does not scan well, if at all.

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