HP Officejet 4500 - Poor print quality and unexpected printouts

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Poor print quality and unexpected printouts

If the quality of the printout is not as expected, try the following solutions to resolve the
problem. Solutions are listed in order, with the most likely solution first. If the first solution
does not solve the problem, continue trying the remaining solutions until the issue is

This section contains the following topics:

Solution 1: Use genuine HP cartridges

Solution 2: Check the paper

Solution 3: Wait a short period of time (if possible)

Solution 4: Check the print settings

Solution 5: Check estimated ink levels and replace low or empty ink cartridges

Solution 6: Print and evaluate a diagnostic report and troubleshoot defects

Solution 7: Clean the ink cartridges

Solution 8: Align the ink cartridges

Solution 9: Replace the problem ink cartridge

Solution 10: Service the product