HP Officejet 4500 - Edit a scanned document using optical character recognition (OCR) software

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Edit a scanned document using optical character
recognition (OCR) software

You can use OCR software to import scanned text into your preferred word-processing
program for editing. This allows you to edit letters, newspaper clippings, and many other
You can specify the word-processing program that you want to use for editing. If the word-
processing icon is not present or active, either you do not have word-processing software
installed on your computer, or the scanner software did not recognize the program during
the installation. See the onscreen Help for the HP Solution Center for information about
how to create a link to the word-processing program.
The OCR software does not support scanning colored text. Colored text is always
converted to black-and-white text before being sent to OCR. Thus, all text in the final
document is in black and white, regardless of the original color.
Because of the complexity of some word-processing programs and their interaction with
the device, it is sometimes preferable to scan to a text editor, such as Wordpad (Windows)
or TextEdit (Mac OS X), and then cut and paste the text into the preferred word-
processing program.

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