HP Officejet 4500 - Print a Web page

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Print a Web page

TIP: To print Web pages correctly, you might need to set your print orientation to

If you are using a computer running Windows and Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher for Web
browsing, you can use HP Smart Web Printing to ensure simple, predictable web printing
with control over what you want and how you want it printed. You can access HP Smart
Web Printing from the toolbar in Internet Explorer. For more information about HP Smart
Web Printing, see the help file provided with it.

NOTE: With certain types of paper, you can print on both sides of a sheet of paper
(called “two-sided printing” or “duplex printing”). For more information, see


printing (duplexing)


Follow the instructions for your operating system.

Print a Web page (Windows)

Print a Web page (Mac OS X)