HP Officejet 4500 - Supported ink cartridges

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Supported ink cartridges

You can check the following places to find which cartridges are supported by the device:

The ink supplies label (located inside the printer, near the ink cartridges).

The HP SureSuppply Web site (


). For more information, see


printing supplies online


The label of the ink cartridge you are replacing.

HP supplies and accessories


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The HP software on your computer:

NOTE: For more information about opening and using these HP software tools, see


management tools

Solution Center (Windows): Click Status, and then click Estimated Ink Levels. The My
tab lists the currently installed cartridges. The All Cartridges tab lists all
supported cartridges for the device.

Toolbox (Windows): Click the Estimated Ink Levels tab, and then click the Cartridge
button to view information about replacement ink cartridges.

HP Utility (Mac OS X):: Click the Supplies Info icon in the Information and Support pane.

Embedded Web server: Click the Information tab, and then click Device Information in
the left pane.

The self-test diagnostic page. For more information, see

Understand the Printer Status Report

and Self-Test Report


NOTE: When replacing ink cartridges, make sure to use only replacement cartridges that have
the same cartridge number as the ink cartridge you are replacing.