HP Officejet 4500 - Send a fax in Error Correction Mode

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Send a fax in Error Correction Mode

Error Correction Mode (ECM) prevents loss of data due to poor phone lines by detecting
errors that occur during transmission and automatically requesting retransmission of the
erroneous portion. Phone charges are unaffected, or might even be reduced, on good

Send a fax


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phone lines. On poor phone lines, ECM increases sending time and phone charges, but
sends the data much more reliably. The default setting is On. Turn ECM off only if it
increases phone charges substantially, and you can accept poorer quality in exchange
for reduced charges.
Before turning the ECM setting off, consider the following. If you turn ECM off

The quality and transmission speed of faxes you send and receive are affected.

The Fax Speed is automatically set to Medium.

You will no longer be able to send or receive faxes in color.

To change the ECM setting from the control panel
Press Setup.
2. Press right arrow until Fax Settings appears, and then press OK.
3. Press right arrow until Error Correction Mode appears, and then press OK.
4. Press right arrow to select On or Off, and then press OK.