HP Officejet 4500 - Poll to receive a fax

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Poll to receive a fax

Polling allows the HP All-in-One to ask another fax machine to send a fax that it has in
its queue. When you use the Poll to Receive feature, the HP All-in-One calls the
designated fax machine and requests the fax from it. The designated fax machine must
be set for polling and have a fax ready to send.

Chapter 5



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NOTE: The HP All-in-One does not support polling pass codes. Polling pass codes
are a security feature that require the receiving fax machine to provide a pass code
to the device it is polling in order to receive the fax. Make sure the device you are
polling does not have a pass code set up (or has not changed the default pass code)
or the HP All-in-One will not be able to receive the fax.

To set up poll to receive a fax from the device control panel
Press left arrow or right arrow to select Black-and-white fax or Color fax, and

then press OK.

2. Press right arrow until Fax Method appears, and then press OK.
3. Press right arrow until Poll to Receive appears, and then press OK.
4. Enter the fax number of the other fax machine.
5. Press Start.

NOTE: If you selected Color Fax but the sender sent the fax in black and white,
the device prints the fax in black and white.